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Chances are, if you’re visiting this page, you’ve heard about the remarkable developments in multiple sclerosis therapies thanks to the advances in today’s regenerative medicine, such as stem cell therapy for MS. You’ve likely also viewed the testimonial videos of our MS stem cell patients whose lives have been transformed by the cutting-edge procedures and stem cell treatment for MS we do here at NSI Stem Cell.

You probably have a lot of questions about MS stem cell therapy and the potential cure for multiple sclerosis in the future. We’re happy to answer them. Let’s begin with stem cells and MS.

MS Stem Cell Therapy Testimonial

Is Reversing MS With Stem Cells A Reality?

Frequently Asked Questions about MS Stem Cell Therapy

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a specific kind of cell with highly unique qualities. They are commonly referred to as undifferentiated cells. Think of them as cells that have not yet been “assigned” a specific function within the body.

They circulate throughout the bloodstream, waiting to receive their “marching orders” by the body to become whatever type of cell is needed for repair, regeneration, or rejuvenation. All healing within the body begins with stem cell propagation. This is true whether the healing is needed for injury, disease, or disorder — or to treat MS.

What types of tissue do stem cells become?

Stem cells can become virtually any kind of tissue or cell that is needed for repair, regeneration, or rejuvenation. This includes skin, blood, bone, cartilage, organ, nerve, brain, and neuron cells.

Aren’t stem cells only in fetuses and infants?

The idea that human embryonic stem cells are the only kind of stem cells is a common misconception. Stem cells circulate throughout your body your whole life long. But as we age, fewer stem cells remain in circulation. The majority tend to stay “in storage” in specific areas of the body.

The majority of stem cell procedures done in the United States today, including stem cell treatments for MS, are done with adult stem cells. At NSI, we use only adult stem cells derived from the patient’s own body for all of our patients, including those undergoing MS stem cell treatment.

How do stem cells and MS connect when it comes to therapy?

At the heart of the majority of MS symptoms is the deterioration of the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is the sleeve of fatty tissue that protects nerves and neurons and helps them carry messages back and forth between the brain and the rest of the body.

Diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissue or organs are called autoimmune conditions. Multiple sclerosis is a very specific type of autoimmune disease that attacks and damages these myelin sheaths. When that happens, nerves and neurons lose their ability to send and receive messages as they should. It’s believed that the relapses associated with multiple sclerosis are due to this damage.

One of the primary functions of NSI’s MS stem cell therapy is to target myelin sheath damage in MS patients. The stem cell therapy for MS stimulates regrowth of myelin tissue and improves the health of existing nerve cells. The MS stem cell treatment also helps regrow new, healthy nerve cells to replace the damaged ones.* This process is called re-myelination.

But our MS stem cell therapy also addresses the autoimmune side of multiple sclerosis.

The stem cell treatment for MS procedure stimulates the patient’s own neural stem cells and other stem cells to repair the immune system and, thus, keep it from attacking itself. This process is referred to as immuno-modulation. Both aspects of our MS stem cell therapy are proving to be quite effective in improving quality of life for all of our patients dealing with multiple sclerosis.*

How is MS stem cell therapy done?

The process of stem cell treatment for MS begins with harvesting the patient’s stem cells. This is a relatively quick and very minimally invasive procedure that draws stem cell-rich tissue from one of two areas of the body where stem cells are stored. The harvesting of stem cells for MS stem cell treatment is virtually painless, needing only a local anesthetic at the area of extraction.

The most common area for harvest is bone marrow. The stem cells present in bone marrow aspirate are plentiful, and there is a diverse profile. This means a smaller sample can be harvested and used for stem cell transplants for MS.

Should I choose to have MS stem cell therapy done with outside cells or those from bone marrow?

The type of stem cells to use for your stem cell treatments for MS is something that you and your NSI specialist must speak about during a consultation. Many factors are involved regarding the best option, and these include getting a complete medical examination prior to planning your MS treatment.

Your NSI specialist will only determine which is your best MS treatment option after completing the exam and speaking with you in depth.

When can I expect to feel the relief of symptoms?

Every patient is different, but most begin to feel a measurable difference in their MS symptoms within a few weeks. This is because it takes time for the stem cells to seek out the damage and reach a sufficient population to effect tissue regeneration and repair to help treat MS.

Improvement to MS symptoms usually builds from there over the course of the next several months.

What symptoms of multiple sclerosis does stem cell therapy relieve?

Most patients using stem cells for multiple sclerosis therapy can expect a variety of symptom relief, which may include the following:

  • Improved Balance and Coordination
  • Reduced or Eliminated Numbness and Tingling
  • An Increase in Energy & Endurance
  • Improvement in Mental Focus and Concentration
  • Reduced or Eliminated Muscle Spasming
  • An Increase in Mobility and Range of Motion
  • An Improvement in Bladder Function
  • Reduced or Eliminated Pain, both Chronic and Acute
  • An Increase in Muscle Strength
  • Memory Improvement
  • Improved Speech
  • Reduced or Eliminated Depression
  • An Improvement in Vision
  • An Increase in Sexual Functions
  • Reduced or Eliminated Headaches
  • An Improvement in the Sense of Touch
  • A Possible Reduction in Medication Needs

Why should I choose MS stem cell therapy over more traditional methods?

Prior to the development of the stem cell procedure coming to the forefront of new therapies for MS, the only recourse for the relief of symptoms was drug-related. Drug therapy may work for a while, but the body builds a tolerance that usually demands ever-increasing dosages over time.

In many cases, there can be unpleasant or even life-endangering side effects. For some multiple sclerosis sufferers, drugs don’t work well at all or can even stop working. Often, these are the patients who end up coming to NSI for MS stem cell therapy.

Drug treatment doesn’t address the core reason for MS symptoms.

Conventional drug treatment cannot repair the damage done to the nerves’ myelin sheaths. Neither can it stimulate repair of the immune system and keep it from attacking the body (the process known as immuno-modulation).

Research on Stem Cell Therapy For MS Continues to Back Up What We Already Know

Can MS be cured? While a true cure remains in the future, we at NSI believe that nothing in modern medicine shows greater effectiveness in reducing the symptoms and reversing the damage of multiple sclerosis than stem cell treatment for MS.*

Many medical professionals agree that MS stem cell therapy is especially promising for those who have tried conventional drug treatments, only to have them fail or under-deliver on relief. We believe that MS cure news will one day be in the headlines.

Belief in a future cure for multiple sclerosis is growing in medical science circles thanks to MS stem cell therapy.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, ongoing research continues to support the excitement building about both the present benefits and the potential advancements being studied.

Here at NSI, we have seen first-hand both the present and potential power of MS stem cell therapy.

To facilitate a better quality of life for MS patients through our proprietary therapy is among the most satisfying experiences our physicians and medical staff know.

While the world may still await a true cure for multiple sclerosis, what is at hand right now is safe, effective MS stem cell therapy that directly addresses the causes of symptoms.

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Download and Read this MS Clinical Research Overview

A great deal of research has been done in recent years in regards to MS therapies. With new clinical trials and studies being done all the time, we are learning more about this condition and how to help patients with stem cell therapy for MS. Read on to learn about this recent clinical trial.

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